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The future of construction? Steel frame construction.

17 April 2019

The future of construction is clear: Steel frame construction offers faster and more cost-friendly construction. This method also offers architectural freedom and outstanding performance. There are six reasons steel frame construction should be considered the future.

Light steel frame structure with beautiful view built with beSteel's sustainable and circular solutions.

Speed of placement

There are three steps to the design of a steel frame building.

First and foremost there is the design phase and the structural study. Special software is used for the design of architectural plans, which ensures errors on the construction site are much less frequent. The software can also cut costs by reducing the workforce and getting the job done faster.

The next step is in the manufacture phase. Cold-rolled steel frame construction is made from steel rolls that are processed into profiles by a roll-forming machine. This roll-forming machine ensures profiles are produced at high speed with minimum errors.

The last step is in the construction phase. Contractors require well-prepared profiles so the construction site runs smoothly. Of course, there is no drying time, which means the construction site runs much faster compared to traditional construction.

Less skilled labour

The popularity of steel frame construction is partly due to its ease of installation. The steel frame construction makes it possible to get to places that are otherwise difficult to reach. This generates new jobs and new opportunities for contractors.

Architectural freedom

Steel frame construction can be used for all types of construction, even the most daring. The construction method makes it possible to achieve a large span because the structure is lighter, which offers greater architectural innovation.

A quick return on investment

Fast installation and reduced labour costs are two savings that are beneficial to the customer. The traditional construction method produces a lot of waste. It is assumed that a traditional construction method produces about 20% waste compared to steel frame construction, which is only 1%. The light construction method also makes investment in large machinery unnecessary.

Less waste and better for the environment

Steel is 100% recyclable and is therefore good for the environment. Steel frame construction is also a dry construction method. This avoids water wastage and gives contractors the opportunity to build in the most unusual places. The acoustic and thermal values are very high, resulting in eco-energetic buildings.

Suitable for prefabricated constructions

Thanks to the light weight of steel frame construction, it is possible to build in unusual places. Steel frame construction is very resistant to bad weather conditions. The prefabricated panels ensure fewer mistakes are made on the construction site; and if a mistake is made, it can be resolved quickly.