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Why is steel frame the best choice for elevations?

06 May 2024

One way of approaching elevations in the construction industry is with lightweight steel frame construction. Steel frame is THE best and most efficient solution to elevate buildings!

Curious to learn why? Read along and you will find out! 

Picture of steel frame elevation design made by beSteel team.

Steel frame elevations to create new housing

In large cities, the housing shortage is a growing concern. These cities can no longer create new additional living space.

But there is a solution – raising buildings through elevations can free up surface area to create new apartments.

“Of all building permits issued in Paris between 1876 and 1939, 18% were for elevations, peaking at 23% between the wars.”

In 75% of cases, it is impossible to elevate the building using traditional construction methods, because the point loads are too high. But thanks to its lightweight, steel frame is perfectly suitable for elevations. 


Why exactly steel frame?


  1. Strength and lightness of steel frames

Steel frame is the lightest construction system with the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the sector. This makes it easier to raise the height of an existing building, in most cases without reinforcing it. 

  1. Speed and efficiency of construction

Steel frame construction enables fast and efficient assembly of the panels, keeping to schedules with dry construction and reducing disruption to occupants, neighbors and road users. 

  1. Offsite manufacturing of components

Thanks to the offsite production process, we minimize waste during construction, we ensure high efficiency with no interruptions during production of steel frames, and reduce the need for on site labor by 60%.

  1. Sustainability and circularity

Steel framing is a sustainable approach, as steel can be reused and, if necessary, recycled infinitely, reducing carbon footprint by almost 50% compared to traditional construction solutions. 

  1. Architectural freedom

With lightweight steel frame construction, elevations can be easily customized to meet specific design requirements, enabling a wide range of architectural styles and features. 

Find out more about steel frame elevations here


Let’s compare structure weights

Let’s see together how the weight of steel frame compares to other traditional building methods, such as wood and concrete. 

Comparison of the weight of steel frame and traditional construction methods.

As we can see from the calculations above, steel frame is the lightest building solution than all traditional construction systems, therefore is tremendously efficient for elevations. 


What are the advantages of steel frame elevations? 

Elevating doesn’t mean over-occupying, concreting or constructing high-rise buildings, but rather optimizing the space available to us. Above all, it’s an advantage for homeowners, residents and urban planners. 


  • An economic advantage 

This allows you to create new living spaces that meet the latest environmental and energy standards, with lower land charges in areas with high prices per m2 and increased property value. Raising the height of a building will also reduce your energy costs.

  • An ecological advantage 

30% of heat loss occurs through the roof. Raising the height of an existing building therefor enables it to be better insulated, while at the same time creating new space. 

  • An architectural advantage

In addition to elevating your building, you can also modernize your infrastructure, fill a “gap” in the landscape and rethink a building to enhance its value. 

Choose steel frame elevations to create healthier living spaces

Today, the potential for elevations in cities is enormous. And we need to start considering it in every rehabilitation, renovation and extension project. 

Steel frame elevations are THE most efficient solution to solve the housing shortage crisis. 

And steel frame doesn’t offer just any solution – but a more sustainable, innovative and efficient one!

The solution for your project 

Are you are ready to make a positive impact in the world and choose steel frame for your next elevation project?

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