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Effortless transportation of steel frames

25 May 2023

At beSteel, we believe in giving you options for transportation of steel frames that fit your needs. That’s why we offer two ways of arranging the delivery – you can choose to have us handle it, or you can take care of it yourself. 

Which transportation of steel frames is the best option for your project?

Transportation of steel frames structures built by beSteel.

Flatpacked products

You will receive well-packaged packages containing separate assembly screws, end caps and panel plans, so that on-site assembly goes smoothly. We’ll also provide you with assembly instructions with tips and tricks.

Our steel profiles are expertly packed in flat packs  1.2m wide and 0.5 m high. This facilitates transportation of steel profiles and ensures that your frames arrive in perfect condition.

This solution is perfect for reducing our transportation costs and offering you a flexible solution.


Fabricated / FastWall

With the Fabricated or Fastwall products, the contractor or construction company retains maximum freedom on the building site. We assemble the steel profiles into 2D plates under the best conditions at our  beSteel production site in Belgium. Once on site, the steel frame can be achieved quickly and easily.

To get your steel frame to your site, we recommend using an enclosed trailer with internal dimensions of 12 m x 2.4 m x 2.4 m. When the packages arrive, you’ll need a forklift truck or cage elevator to unload them. If you need help with transportation, we can offer you a quote including a cage elevator.

For an extra layer of protection during transportation, we recommend using an Open Top container. We use a mobile crane with two lifting belts to carefully place the packages in the container. This ensures that your frames arrive at your site in the same condition as when they left our factory.

Customized delivery options 

If you prefer, we can deliver your steel frames or steel profiles on trestles. This makes unloading a snap, as the panels are positioned vertically and easy to access.

If you don’t need trestles, we can deliver your steel frames directly on the truck. Our expert team will ensure that your frames are safely secured and transported to your site. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a platform or semi-low loader that is 12 m long to transport them this way.

More information needed before ordering your steel frame, it is time to contact us and we’ll take care of it!


“beSteel tip for transportation of steel frames”

Safety comes first so, never forget to use all lifting straps! Not only for safety but also to prevent deformation of the panels. Always wear a helmet and appropriate footwear on a construction site.