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How is beSteel light steel frame made?

15 May 2023

At beSteel, we are responsible for more than the actual production of the steel frame profiles and frames. From day one, our designers and engineers will translate the architect’s plans into a tailor-made design ready to be sent to our machines.

Walk with us on all the steps we go through to make our steel frame! 

Team member working on the assembly of beSteel light steel frames in factory.

Obviously steel frame is made by steel. However, choosing beSteel for your light steel frame is an unique opportunity. It means building quickly and sustainably, with a light, strong solution and with a total freedom of production with the digitalisation of the project.

Building a steel frame in 4 steps from idea to design

  • STEP 1: in-house engineering and design. Our team of experts conducts the structural analysis, construction calculations and engineering drawings of your project, all strictly according to Eurocodes. We transition from 3D design to detailed and precise 2D panels – all in alignment with the cradle-to-cradle theory, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to design.
  • STEP 2: Choose your steel. Opt for durability and strength with our cold-rolled C-profiles crafted from high-quality Magnelis® steel. When assembled to 2D panels, they form a powerful load-bearing structure and are suitable for any type of construction project, from the smallest to the most complex ones. Discover more detail about Magnelis steel here.
  • STEP 3: off-site production. Selection and loading of high-quality coil rolls into the high-precision automated machinery, with advanced cutting and molding processes, the steel undergoes shaping, cutting, and forming according to predefined measurements. This results in the formation of our different types of steel frame profiles to fit accordingly all project needs. 
  • STEP 4: Assembly your structure. For your FastWall and prefabricated structures, the team assembles all the components in our workshop under controlled conditions, ensuring efficiency and meeting all project deadlines. Rigorous quality controls are essential to our process, ensuring that our steel frames meet the highest quality standards.

Why choosing light steel frame?

Light steel framing fully complies with regulations and requirements for fire resistance, thermal insulation and soundproofing. By prefabricating, we guarantee a flawless end result. As the market leader since 2015, we guarantee our technological expertise which is completely up to date with recent regulations.

Steel construction is one of the few methods that offers a clear answer to the need for circular construction. That’s because steel structures are 100% recyclable and the profiles and panels are easy to disassemble without losing quality. At beSteel, we are convinced that steel plays an essential role in achieving a low-carbon future. XCarb® steel reduces the European CO2 emissions from steel production and aims to develop a carbon neutral steel by 2050.

With beSteel, your project becomes more than just a structure, it becomes a demonstration of the endless possibilities offered by advanced construction technology.

Are you ready for steel ? Because beSteel is ready for you. Contact us here.