The steps of a project
made with a lightweight steel frame

Lightweight steel framing has no limits! Discover the steps of a beSteel project from idea to design, from 3D design to 2D panels and delivery to the construction site.

At beSteel, our designers and engineers translate the architect’s plans into a tailor-made projects, ready to be sent to our machines and then to your building site.

  • Accurate calculation of the loads and locating of the profiles
  • Digitised and automated production process
  • Industrial precision
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Fast and precise installation
Icon of an engineering project.


The process of steel frame construction: From 3D design to 2D panels. Construction calculations and engineering, completely according to Eurocodes.

Icon on a steel frame being produced in factory.


High-precision automated production and assembly in the workshop under controlled conditions. Including plating. Cradle-to-cradle with all the necessary quality controls.

Icon of the steel frames being transported on trucks.


Lower transportation costs and higher efficiency. The panels are delivered to the construction site following the just-in-time methodology.

Icons of steel frames being installed on site.


Fast and accurate installation by an experienced contractor or construction company. Option of technical support from our beSteel Certified Advisor.

For more information about beSteel steel frame construction and technology, please refer to either our construction professionals or WikiSteel page.

Site details of a light steel frame construction design
Steel frame construction site with a greenery view.
Steel frame check-in building project in Saint Marteen.
Light steel frame profiles in different shapes and forms for precise assembly by beSteel.
Montagne Project - steelframe with Fabricated product - Render 2
Flatpacked product in the production site
Picture of steel frame construction site, realisation of beSteel.
Roof installation of a steel frame project built with beStel steelframe.
Detailed light steel frame picture where beSteel's FastWall product is displayed.
Picture of a beautiful steel frame realisation from up close.
beSteel general brochure mockup

Steel frame construction guide: Everything you need to know about steel frame.

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