Lightweight steel frame:
a break from tradition

Lightweight steel frame is an innovative construction method and an alternative to traditional solutions, suitable for all types of project, from the smallest to the most ambitious. Today, it is an incomparable advantage for your buildings.

beSteel offers a complete solution, producing and assembling the metal frame in-house.

  • Off-site production and quality control
  • Dry construction method
  • Super fast construction process

Steel frame construction in 11 advantages

  • Super fast

    • Production and assembly are done in house
    • No delays thanks to controlled working conditions
    • Fast and accurate assembly on-site
    • Up to 60% faster construction time compared to traditional construction methods
  • Light construction

    • Light steel frames
    • 30% less load on the foundation compared to traditional construction methods
    • Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio
    • Very suitable for, for example, height increases and poor soil
  • Sustainable

    • Completely in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle
    • A steel frame is fully recyclable and reusable
    • Minimum energy and waste during the production phase
  • Incredibly strong

    • Does not lose strength, despite lightness
    • Large structural spans possible
    • Also perfectly suited for apartments and large industrial projects
  • Resistant to weather

    • Resistant to termites
    • Withstands extreme climates such as severe storms
    • Very high seismic resistance
  • Reduced costs

    • Savings in terms of foundations and structure
    • Lower costs for site installation and management
    • Reduction of management costs and fixed costs of a project
    • Faster income generation thanks to faster commissioning of the building
  • Architectural freedom

    • No concessions in terms of design, both inside and out
    • Our designers and engineers match the frames perfectly to the architect’s design
    • The strength of the steel provides great flexibility
    • Suitable for both small and large complex projects
  • 100% in accordance with requirements

    • Steel produced according to the strictest standards
    • The design of our cold-rolled steel profiles is determined by the Eurocodes 3
    • Steel frame buildings perfectly meet the European fire resistance requirements (REI 12O)
    • This is also true for the thermal (EPB-proof) and acoustic (WTCB-tested) insulation requirements
  • Clean construction site

    • Off-site production leads to a minimum of construction waste on-site
    • Dry construction method guarantees a clean construction site
    • No water consumption required on the construction site
  • Off-site design & production

    • In-house assembly from steel profiles to steel frames
    • Digitised and automated production process: precision down to the millimetre
    • Controlled production conditions
    • No unforeseen delays (due to rain or freezing cold, for example), which leads to significant time savings
    • No drying times
  • Limited transportation requirements

    • Lower transportation costs
    • Very limited number of displacement teams

For more information about beSteel steel frame construction and technology, please refer to either our construction professionals or WikiSteel page.

Steel frame realisation in Lint with beSteel solutions.
Montagne Project - steelframe with Fabricated product - Render
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