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Why choose a Belgian steel?

13 April 2023


beSteel’s commitment to excellence begins with the use of high-quality Belgian Magnelis® steel from Arcelor Mittal. This steel guarantees the quality of your steel frame and the durability of your project.

Discover in this article why choose a Belgian steel is the best idea for your project?


  1. High-quality steel

ArcelorMittal is a multinational steel manufacturing corporation that was formed in 2006, Magnelis® is a type of steel produced by ArcelorMittal that has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments.

beSteel profiles are made from ArcelorMittal Magnelis® steel, produced in Belgium. Consisting of 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. For more details click here. Put together in frames they form a powerful load-bearing structure and are suitable for any type of construction project.

The magnesium ensures the formation of a stable, durable coating on the entire surface. It also guarantees much more efficient protection against corrosion than coatings with a lower magnesium content

  1. What are the advantages of Belgian Magnelis steel?

Magnelis® steel offers a number of advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Durability – it has high durability due to its corrosion resistance and it can withstand all weather conditions, much more than conventional hot dip galvanised steel. In an environment containing ammonium, the corrosion has seven times less impact with a Magnelis® coating. Tests were also carried out in fog and no rust was observed on the Magnelis® steel.
  • Versatility – it is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Complete edge protection thanks to the self-healing properties of Magnelis® on cut edges.
  • More cost-effective than batch galvanized steels due to simple manufacturing.

Discover how your steel frame is made here.

  1. Sustainability

Our production site is in Belgium.

Using steel made in Belgium seemed logical to beSteel team:

  • Reduce the transportation costs
  • Reduce the carbon footprint with Magnelis® steel and Arcelor Mittal
  • Be sure of the steel quality to build your future steel frame.
  • Choose a 100% recyclable steel with Magnelis® steel


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