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Chemical composition of Magnelis® steel

04 September 2022

The chemical composition of Arcelor Mittal‘s Magnelis® steel is the perfect alloy for beSteel metal frames. Magnelis® is a unique metallic coating that protects steel against corrosion for a long time.

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Magnelis® steel

beSteel uses steel (ArcelorMittal) produced on a conventional industrial hot galvanising line that is then immersed in a bath with the following chemical composition:

  • 93.5% zinc
  • 3.5% aluminium
  • 3% magnesium

The magnesium ensures the formation of a stable, durable coating on the entire surface. It also guarantees much more efficient protection against corrosion than coatings with a lower magnesium content.

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Exceptional resistance to corrosion

Magnelis® steel offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, much more than conventional hot dip galvanised steel.

In an aggressive environment, the corrosion has seven times less impact with a Magnelis® coating. Tests were also carried out in fog and no rust was observed on the Magnelis® steel.

Self-healing effect

Magnelis® offers the same cathodic protection as that of a traditional metal protective layer. This, in combination with the formation of a magnesium film, increases the corrosion resistance of the segments. The nature of this film can vary depending on the environment, and its properties also change depending on the aluminium and magnesium content.

An exemplary chemical composition for all types of construction

Today, this steel enables beSteel to create, elevate and extend in more than 11 countries and for any type of location. Lightweight steel has no limits and is ideal for all types of project.

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