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All the reasons you need to build with steel from beSteel

01 June 2019

Steel is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, thanks to the many advantages it offers. Steel is emerging as a more innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable building solution. 

Why should you build with steel from beSteel? 

Beautiful light steel frame construction site detail made with high quality galvanized steel.



1. To build with steel is at least 4x times lighter than any traditional building method

Steel is the lightest material that you can find. Due to its lightweight, it reduces the impact on the foundation by at least 30% compared to traditional building methods, and it has the best construction-to-weight ratio in the sector. The lightweight of steel, makes it tremendously efficient for elevations. 


2. To build with steel is 50% faster than all traditional building methods 

Build with an efficient and streamlined assembly on-site, thanks to our prefabricated components, our team of expects and our precise engineering. It also reduces the need for extensive on-site labour. No delays on site thanks to offsite construction: all the components are produced and assembled in an controlled environment. The production process is not affected by any weather conditions therefore results in an uninterrupted building process. 

No delays on site thanks to the technology: the site is scanned, the products are calculated to avoid any waste or errors.


3. Steel frame is the strongest solution for your project

Perfectly suitable for all project types, from the smallest to the most ambitious ones, steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building methods. Despite its lightness, it does not lose in strength! 

Thanks to its high mechanical strength, light weight, flexibility, corrosion resistance and compliance with construction standards specific to hurricane zones, this contributes significantly to minimising damage caused by high winds.


4. Building with steel frame improves the safety and the performance of the building

Steel frame is the perfect insulation ally. When combined with the proper insulating material, it gives exceptional fire resistance results and high-quality thermal insulation, as well as high soundproofing capabilities. Steel frame creates comfortable and energy-efficient living spaces!


5. beSteel’s offsite construction method using steel frames is the best solution for your project

Offsite construction reduces the costs by 20%, gives us the chance to plan upfront with 100% quality guarantee and avoid all unforeseen and unexpected costs.

  • We use BIM for great collaboration between all parts involved and ensuring precision down to every detail of your project. Our customer portal helps you stay informed and engaged with your project.
  • Steel frame is lightweight and flexible, allowing architects to create unique and complex designs, reaching total architectural freedom.
  • Our in-house design and engineering experts can perfectly match the frames to the architect’s design.

6. beSteel has the expertise and the team for your construction project

beSteel is an industry leader for offsite construction of light steel frame within BENELUX, with 9 years of expertise, more than 600 projects finished and active in 10 countries

We work with the best contractors, architects, and consultants – together they form our reliable Certified Partner Network, your guarantee for a successful steel frame construction project. 


7. beSteel has your back from design to the site in 4 steps 

At beSteel, our designers and engineers translate the architect’s plans into tailor-made projects, ready to be sent to our machines and then to your building site. 

  • From in-house engineering and design including construction calculations, completely according to Eurocodes.
  • Offsite production and assembly, automated with high precision and under controlled conditions.
  • Transportation, following lower transportation costs and higher efficiency.
  • To the Installation on site by an  experienced contractor or construction company. 


8. beSteel offers you a full digital building experience 

We provide our clients a full Digital communication from offer to building site. We create a 3D digital twin for each project in collaboration with the architect and contractor. And manage digitally your projects in our 3D BIM portal to ensure quality and alignment with your expectations, which helps us improve site planning by providing better visualization, collaboration, and efficiency.


9. beSteel is a 100% Belgian brand 

Our offices and production site are in Belgium. Our steel is Belgian (more info here). We try to use local materials and materials from neighbouring countries as much as possible. Most of our customers are located in Belgium, France, Holland and Germany. This enables us to maintain our quality and expertise. Of course sustainability is one of our USP.


10. beSteel is using the best steel: ArcelorMittal Magnelis

Our commitment to excellence starts with the use of high-quality steel coils, produced in Belgium. In our Belgian production site, we form our cold rolled C-profiles using 100% recyclable Magnelis steel coils. Discover why Magnelis steel is the best steel for your project here.

If you are ready to build with steel from beSteel on your next project, contact us here