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Fabricated product

14 February 2021

Find out more about our beSteel Fabricated product – the perfect steel structure for your future project!


Save valuable time on the construction site with our Fabricated product.

We assemble the steel sections into complete 2D panels in our offsite production site, to help you assemble them to form a complete steel structure.



At beSteel, we are responsible for the design, engineering and production of our cold-rolled steel profiles.

This means a 100% guarantee of quality for you.

These steel profiles ultimately form the basis for our three products: Fabricated, FastWall and Flatpacked.


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Project with our Fabricated product


With the Fabricated product, the contractor or construction company will save valuable time on his project.

  1. First, our engineer team designs your project digitally. We check together all the details to create the perfect steel structure for your house, extension, apartment or elevation.
  2. Then, we assemble the steel profiles into 2D plates in the very best conditions in the beSteel offsite workshop with our high-precision automated production.
  3. We follow during all the process the cradle-to-cradle concept to use only what we need, re-use the waste and produce in a circular way.
  4. When the 2D panels are created, we can help for the transportation from our workshop to the construction site.
  5. Once on site, the conversion to a steel framework is achieved very quickly and easily. We furnish all the instruction to build the steel structure with our A-to-Z manual and we are available during all the process.
Beautiful light steel frame construction site detail made with high quality galvanised steel

The solution for your project 

If you would like to build your next project with our steel frame, and make a big impact towards a greener environment, it is time to work with beSteel. 

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Our steel frame structure was used to build this large-scale 4-storey project combining a professional and a residential part, in Luxembourg.

  • The biggest challenge of this project is that very few walls were aligned, and there were several overhangs on the roofs and terraces.
  • A main concrete column was erected to accommodate an elevator.
  • Fast and precise installation of the whole structure in JUST 3 weeks!

Count on beSteel to revolutionize your building site! 🏗️