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The new construction methods. why?

11 April 2019

Several trends, namely social, political, economic, environmental and technological support new construction methods. Steel frame construction is a revolutionary construction method that has several advantages over traditional construction. This article will explain the influences the various trends will have on this construction method.

Rapid urbanisation is driving change

Traditional construction methods can no longer cope with increasingly demanding demands from citizens. The government and citizens want high-quality houses that are safe and attractive. These demands provide the new construction methods with an opportunity to show off their advantages to the general public.

The world is currently facing the greatest urbanisation ever seen. More than half of the world’s population live in major cities, and it is estimated that this figure will exceed 5 billion people by 2030. Traditional construction methods will be ineffective if this growth is to be accommodated. beSteel’s steel frame construction offers fasterlighter and stronger construction with less waste.

Rising demand for ecological and sustainable buildings

The market continues to demand better buildings, which means better insulated, safer constructions with ever more acoustic insulation. All over the world, new standards are being introduced by governments aimed at improving the daily lives of citizens. In Belgium, this is covered by the so-called EPB regulation.

The political and economic influences

Developing countries want to provide a better life for their citizens, and they are attempting to do this by providing schools, hospitals, and public infrastructure. Steel frame construction is the perfect solution for these countries because this method ensures the required buildings can be built much faster – approx three times faster than with traditional construction methods. Steel frame construction also reduces waste. In fact, this construction method produces hardly any waste.

Availability and accessibility of houses

Houses are becoming more and more expensive and scarcer. The demand for housing has risen sharply due to urbanisation. The new trend in big cities is small houses that are easy to maintain. Steel frame construction is perfectly suited for this thanks to its light weight and architectural freedom. This construction method also ensures costs are reduced thanks to the rapid installation and less-expensive labour.

The environment has an impact on architecture and materials

Natural disasters have made governments think about other construction methods. Thanks to the excellent quality of steel frame construction, natural disasters can be dealt with better than traditional construction methods. Studies have also shown that a building with a steel frame construction can withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale.