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Installing solar panels can be easy

04 May 2023

Are you worried about energy bills increasing prices? That’s something solar panels can help you feel relieved since they transform the sun’s energy into energy for your house.

Although it can come up in your mind as an expensive purchase, it is actually a long-term worthwhile investment in your home and your comfort. Also using this in your house is an efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint since it’s a clean energy source. Once you have sorted out the correct permits and defined the power battery capacity, the installation is the next step.

An important thing to consider when installing this clean energy source in your house is, what should you use to support the panels attached to your house. The correct answer is a steel frame structure, given its durability, strength, flexibility and lightweight characteristics it can be adapted to any type of building or construction. Moreover, steel frame use makes it easier to do the work as a self-project in reduced time thanks to the prefabricated profiles. 

Durability and Flexibility

Steel is one of the strongest materials available in construction, which can easily support the weight of solar panels while being light enough to be installed in your house without trouble. Steel structures are great against any kind of weather conditions like extreme winds, snow and rain, be sure that your steel structure will remain in place generating energy for a long time. 

At beSteel we know by heart that steel frame means architectural freedom. Steel can be easily shaped to fit many applications and tailored to specific needs for each project. This means that your property’s characteristics will not be an obstacle to the solar panel’s output.

Long term benefits

When using steel frame structures maintenance is low over the lifespan of use, especially when using our beSteel and Belgium trusted Magnelis® steel, which does not rust over time. The installation is not only easy and can reduce labour costs. In fact, you can also do it yourself, at beSteel our engineers can help you with a good guide and all the how to’s.

Would you like to know more about steel-frame structures and solar panels installation? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.