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Implement light steel frame to any project

31 March 2023

Light steel frame (LSF) is a modern building method that uses lightweight steel sections for construction. It is known for its speed, accuracy, and energy efficiency, which makes it suitable for a variety of building projects. 

beSteel, the future of construction 

Light steel frame building structures consist of cold-rolled steel profiles that are assembled into various panels that form 2D modules. Residential, commercial, collective, modular, steel frame construction can handle anything with total architectural freedom.

From calculations, design and engineering to production and assembly. At beSteel, we take care of your entire steel frame project. In-house, automated and digitized, according to the strictest regulations. This ensures we can guarantee top quality. 

Different products for different needs

  • Fabricated: We assemble the steel profiles into 2D plates in the very best conditions in the beSteel workshop.
  • FastWall: Steel construction combined with high-quality plating for an even faster construction process. These 2D panels are pre-assembled in our factory.

A Belgian production site delivering to the European market Our production centre is located in Aarschot since September 2018. A great location with even greater potential to deliver in Belgium, Netherlands, France and overseas areas like the Caribbean.

Customize your projects 

Given the versatility of steel frame structures, they can be easily adapted to any material such as plasterboard, plaster paint, cladding facades, bio and non-bio insulation materials. This meets the desired construction requirements, such as proper ventilation, and humidity control, among others. This is achieved by the composition of panels you can see below.  

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