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The first steel frame constructions

14 July 2019

1920 – 1930

The use of cold rolled steel was little accepted. The main reason was the lack of design software and a lack of information. One of the first steel frame constructions was Virginia Baptist Hospital in the United States.


After WWII, there was a great need to rebuild destroyed cities rapidly. For example, in the Netherlands, the Polynorm system was used for the construction of 300 homes. Steel frame was not only used as a reconstruction solution in Europe, but in Japan and the USA as well.


In the mid-20th century, the steel frame was recognised as a new construction method. This was mainly used in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa & the Middle East.


Gradually an understanding of steel frame construction also penetrates into Europe, mainly Benelux.

Present day

Today, the market for cold-rolled frames is growing more and more in developed countries. The main reasons for this growth is the greatly-improved technology, the available programs, and the production processes. The commercialisation of steel that is highly resistant to corrosion is also one of the reasons for the increase in the competitive position of these products.