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beSteel introduces the FastWall: Build even faster, more efficiently & more sustainably

05 September 2019

Fastwall: this (prefab) off-site steel frame system helps you build even faster & more efficiently. The ultimate goal is a guarantee of excellent quality and considerable time savings for both the client and the contractor taking care of the installation. It is a tailor-made product now available from beSteel, the pioneer in prefabricated steel frame construction systems for both national and international professional customers. 

Fastwall: Composition

The plating will be defined depending on the preference of the customer and the standards to be achieved. This can be done in consultation with beSteel and the contractor carrying out the installation.

Because attention can be paid to air/water tightness, several thermal bridge interruptions, standards to be achieved, etc. in a prior phase, it is easier to meet quality guarantee and expectations than if this were to be done on the construction site.

  1. Façade finish
  2. Thermal insulation
  3. Structural plating
  4. beSteel steel frame C89 with acoustic insulation
  5. Moisture protection
  6. Plasterboard

Why choose FastWall?

  • Just in Time: This method is based on the principle that the customised product is delivered at the exact time the customer expects it.
  • Reduced time on the construction site: The beSteel FastWall system ensures faster delivery, which means a reduction in construction site time, thus saving on construction costs.
  • Light foundation: The load of the steel frame construction on the foundation is at least 20% lighter than a traditional construction.
  • Quality assurance: With the necessary preparation, the current building regulations and energy standards can be anticipated, resulting in a limitation of the risk of errors being found on the construction site.
  • Little to no waste: The walls are fully custom-made, which means no further work is required on the construction site. Storage and transportation costs are therefore reduced to a minimum.
  • Cradle to cradle: With the beSteel FastWall, you will be making a conscious choice for a sustainable material that fits the Cradle to Cradle principle nicely – 100% recyclable without loss of quality.

Off-site construction: the shift from construction site to workshopBuilding on the Building

Building in a workshop means you can build under controlled & dry conditions, reducing the risk of errors to a minimum and negating the need for on-site adjustments.

The name “prefab” has become obsolete; the term “off-site construction” is now used, says Helene de Troostembergh, manager of beSteel. “It is a principle in which the focus is on the realisation of the entire construction in the workshop or factory prior to carrying out any work on the construction site. The FastWall has no restrictions and is suitable for both small and large projects with multiple levels.”

Cradle to cradle: also indispensable in the construction sector

In our current industry, the principle of sustainability & recycling can no longer be ignored. It is becoming increasingly important for construction companies to think about this and subsequently adjust their policy. According to the Cradle to Cradle principle, all products and materials should be reusable at the end of their lifespan without compromising quality, OR they must be able to serve as food for nature. This means nothing should be lost. This is why it is important, as a company, to map out the entire production process and ensure sufficient biological cycles are included to get a good insight into the reusability of the materials.

This is also an important part of the business philosophy at beSteel. The steel frame itself is made of 100% recyclable steel, which will not lose its strength afterwards. The FastWall also follows the Cradle to Cradle principle in the sense that it must be constructed in the most sustainable way possible. Preference is given to biodegradable materials such as wood for the structural plating and wood for the insulation flakes.

Not only does the principle form part of the beSteel philosophy, but people are also busy redeeming the Cradle to Cradle certificate. To achieve this, beSteel must achieve a good score for the following 5 aspects: health of the materials, reuse of materials, energy consumption, water consumption and corporate social responsibility. The eco-effectiveness is assessed, as well as how products and materials can be transformed in such a way that a healthy balance between ecology and economic growth can be achieved. The main issue is quality, not quantity. As a solution, the existing processes are not only optimised but also re-evaluated.