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The city of tomorrow will be made of steel

08 December 2023

Why is steelframe the future of construction?

The cities keep on getting busier and busier with time, and the denser they get the lower the chances to find a house are, as the space is very limited. This is one of the biggest problems the world is facing right now, and it is getting more and more complex.

The challenges in the field of urban development require a creative solution. What if we told you that at beSteel we have a solution?

And not just any solution, but a faster, lighter and a more sustainable one.

The use of prefabricated steel frames is one of the most sustainable and innovative alternatives to address the demographic challenge, by building one or more floors on top of the existing buildings.


Discover our steel frame projects here .

beSteel and ArcelorMittal Steel webinar : future of the construction is steelframe

Webinar : the power of steel frame construction

Partnering with ArcelorMittal Steligence, at our recent Webinar on 14th of November, we dived deep into the power of steel frame construction in elevating buildings, together with the other speakers: Roel Vermeesch (KAP32), Johan Van Desse (Buildwise), Geert Bettens (ArcelorMittal Steligence) and Berten de Keyser (beSteel).

During this webinar we zoomed in on the  deeper technical information of steel frame and why it is the ideal solution for elevations. 

  • Steel frame is the lightest material to elevate without burdening the building’s foundation.
  • Because of its lightweight materials, it reduces carbon footprint.
  • You can dismantle it and reuse it again at the end of the life cycle. 

We cover this and much more in the webinar. As well as we take a real-life case study showcasing one of our realized two-level elevation projects in the city of Antwerp (BE). And we take you on a journey behind the scenes of this realized project from the basics to the amazing building it is now, covering the challenges and all the opportunities.

Steel frame elevation in the city of Antwerp build with beSteel innovative solutions.

If you are interested to dive deeper into the world of steel frame elevations with us, and listen to the insights of the industry experts, watch the full webinar below:

And, if you would like to contact any of our speakers, below is their contact information: