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Steel frame as the basis for Sustainable Construction

30 September 2019

Sustainable construction? The construction sector is constantly looking for new solutions. Steel frame construction is THE construction method that offers a clear answer to this trend. Choosing beSteel’s steel skeleton is a smart choice. In addition to the fast construction process and the controlled costs, it is also a sustainable choice. 

Near-zero energy construction: The heart of your home in a steel frame

Steel frame construction is the best way to achieve “near-zero energy” construction. Building according to near-zero energy principles will become the standard for new-build homes throughout Europe from 2021. There are certain requirements for near-zero energy construction, such as an energy level (E-peil) ≤ E30, maximum energy requirement for heating and cooling 70 kWh/m², use of renewable energy.

The choice of building materials will also play a role in this. The basic rules for a good near-zero energy home are the heart of the building and its shell. With a steel frame from beSteel, you can choose an airtight house with a well-insulated shell. “The heart of the building is made of cold-rolled profiles that are factory-assembled into 2D panels.”

A steel frame structure serves as the basis for the perfect shell

  • The beSteel steel frame walls are filled with insulation
  • Continuous external insulation: thermal bridges are avoided because the insulation is continuous and connects perfectly.
  • Insulation of the foundation plate, the floor and roof: the insulation is applied without interruption to the steel frame, from the foundation to the ridge of the roof. The house wears a completely closed jacket.
  • Great attention is paid to the airtightness of the house and the joinery.

Architects and contractors who put the near-zero energy principles into practice

At beSteel, we surround ourselves with reliable, high-quality and experienced construction partners. The goal is to give a huge boost to steel frame construction and to work with parties that are ready for Sustainable construction. Together with our network of Certified Architects & Contractors, we find the right party for building your near-zero energy home.

Cradle-to-cradle: Building without influencing the climate

With the beSteel steel frame and our wall system, you are consciously making a choice to choose a durable material that fits the Cradle-to-Cradle principle nicely. This means the steel frame is 100% recyclable and we can use it over and over again to the same high quality.

“In this way we deal with the environment in an enormously sustainable way, both today and tomorrow.”

Standard construction steel frame construction

Our wall systems allow you to build in an energy-efficient and sustainable way. beSteel provides its customers with advice about the choice of the most high-quality and durable materials.

  • Façade finish
  • Thermal insulation (+/- 10 cm)
  • Structural plating
  • Order steel frame (9 cm) with insulation
  • Plasterboard

beSteel steel frame walls are a lot thinner, yet have the same insulation value. In fact, cold-rolled profiles of less than 9 cm are used.

About beSteel

beSteel is a Belgian SME specialised in the production of steel frames for both large and small construction projects. This is a revolutionary and innovative construction method used for numerous applications: residential construction, apartment construction, height increases, etc. Our customers consist of construction companies, contractors and project developers who we assist with the steel frame challenge. From the construction calculations, realisation of the steel frame drawings and the effective production.