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Steel frame as insulation ally

05 April 2023

At beSteel, we fully believe in steel frame construction as a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods. We are responsible for designing, engineering, and producing our cold-rolled steel profiles. These profiles form the basis for costumized products: Fast Frame & FastWall, which help to create a proper and efficient way of making any construction internal insulation effective and with a tasteful exterior.

Advantages of using steel frame:

This modern building project in Schaffen, was made with our steel frame structure in order to ensure a much smaller carbon footprint thanks to its reduced usage of High Recycled Steel (HRS).⁣ Appartements and individual housing were constructed easily against existing structures, ensuring great insulation and strong walls. 

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The best steel frame construction combos

From traditional facing brick to modern steel cassettes anything is possible with a steel frame. Soft insulation such as glass wool or mineral wool is used between the profiles. This ensures excellent acoustic performance, as well as influences the thermal insulation of the wall.

All our steel structures can be the baseline for panels of thermal insulation (bio-based and artificial), structural plating, plasterboard, moisturise protection and Façade finish materials such as stone strips.