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How is steel frame made?

15 May 2023

At beSteel, we are responsible for more than the actual production of the steel profiles and frames. From day one, our designers and engineers will be busy translating the architect’s plans into a tailor-made design ready to be sent to our machines.

For starters, we work with cold-rolled C-profiles made of high-quality Magnelis® steel. They form a powerful load-bearing structure and are suitable for any type of construction project. Our profiles are available in different sizes: from 75 to 250 mm wide and from 1 to 2 mm thick.

Steel frame production basics

STEP 1: in-house engineering and design. From 3D design to 2D panels. Our team works on all the structural analysis, construction calculations and engineering drawings, completely according to Eurocodes.

STEP 2: We conduct a Magnelis® steel coil selection in accordance with the project needs.

STEP 3: Production. Loading of coil rolls into the machines with specific measurements made by experts.

  1. STEP 4: Assembly of FastWall and prefabricated structures. High-precision automated production offsite and assembly in the workshop under controlled conditions.
Light steel frame fast and reliable structures by beSteel.

Once you decide to build with steel frame technology, at beSteel we make sure your project has an accurate calculation of the loads and locating of the profiles. Our production process is completely digitized and automated with industrial precision.

More curious about LSF assembly and production? Schedule a visit to our production warehouse, we’ll be happy to show you around.