Steel frame:
a break from tradition

Steel frame construction is an innovative, revolutionary and relatively young construction method that is suitable for both small and large complex projects. Cold-rolled thin steel profiles form the basis of easy-to-assemble steel frames.

  • Off-site production and quality control
  • Dry construction method
  • Super fast construction process

Steel frame construction in 11 advantages

  • Super fast

    • Production and assembly are done in house
    • No delays thanks to controlled working conditions
    • Fast and accurate assembly on-site
    • Up to 60% faster construction time compared to traditional construction methods
  • Light construction

    • Light steel frames
    • 30% less load on the foundation compared to traditional construction methods
    • Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio
    • Very suitable for, for example, height increases and poor soil
  • Sustainable

    • Completely in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle
    • A steel frame is fully recyclable and reusable
    • Minimum energy and waste during the production phase
  • Incredibly strong

    • Does not lose strength, despite lightness
    • Large structural spans possible
    • Also perfectly suited for apartments and large industrial projects
  • Resistant to weather

    • Resistant to termites
    • Withstands extreme climates such as severe storms
    • Very high seismic resistance
  • Reduced costs

    • Savings in terms of foundations and structure
    • Lower costs for site installation and management
    • Reduction of management costs and fixed costs of a project
    • Faster income generation thanks to faster commissioning of the building
  • Architectural freedom

    • No concessions in terms of design, both inside and out
    • Our designers and engineers match the frames perfectly to the architect’s design
    • The strength of the steel provides great flexibility
    • Suitable for both small and large complex projects
  • 100% in accordance with requirements

    • Steel produced according to the strictest standards
    • The design of our cold-rolled steel profiles is determined by the Eurocodes 3
    • Steel frame buildings perfectly meet the European fire resistance requirements (REI 12O)
    • This is also true for the thermal (EPB-proof) and acoustic (WTCB-tested) insulation requirements
  • Clean construction site

    • Off-site production leads to a minimum of construction waste on-site
    • Dry construction method guarantees a clean construction site
    • No water consumption required on the construction site
  • Off-site design & production

    • In-house assembly from steel profiles to steel frames
    • Digitised and automated production process: precision down to the millimetre
    • Controlled production conditions
    • No unforeseen delays (due to rain or freezing cold, for example), which leads to significant time savings
    • No drying times
  • Limited transportation requirements

    • Lower transportation costs
    • Very limited number of displacement teams

For more information about beSteel steel frame construction and technology, please refer to either our construction professionals or WikiSteel page.

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