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New beSteel certified partner: De Huissmid

06 March 2019

You can contact The Huissmid for all your steel frame projects inLimburg & Flemish Brabant

Bart & Ilona from De Huissmid have 5 years of experience managing beSteel steel frame projects.

This includes providing technical advice, placement and finishing of the construction.

Just like us, they are absolutely convinced that steel frame is THE new way of building, both now and in the future.

The elements of sustainability, energy awareness and speed are the main pillars for this.

Their mission is crystal clear: “Building your home smoothly, comfortably and professionally.”

  • beSteel Certified Partner: De Huissmid
  • Region: Limburg & Flemish Brabant
  • Experience with steel frame: 5+ years
  • Strength: Increasing the height of your house is an ideal way to extend a terraced home, office building, apartment building, etc.
  • Contact and website: http://dehuissmid.be/contact/

Take a quick look at their website for more information or to admire their projects.