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Lightweight steel construction for semi-detached houses

13 July 2020

Building a new house between two existing houses can often be a puzzle. There are many things to consider: the existing dimensions, the neighbours, preparing the construction project, and juggling with any restrictions related to regulations or the nature of the land.

The metal frame removes all the problems. With beSteel, the lightweight steel construction is 100% custom made and fits perfectly: no on-site grinding is required. The result: a clean construction site, a solid and durable construction that meets the standards (see our article, “Design and calculation according to the Eurocodes”), and a project adapted to the architect’s ideas and that reduces costs at the construction site. All calculations, levelling and design can be carried out in advance, avoiding unforeseen problems on site.

“Building with a light steel construction is much easier for us, the contractor and the client. It is fast, efficient and sustainable. As far as EPB certificates are concerned, the steel frame constructions fulfil all the requirements.” – Christiaan D’herde, architect of the project.

Custom construction

This project was completely tailor made. The architect’s plan was used as a “mould” into which the frame was cast. The profiles all form part of the puzzle, and are made to measure to precise specifications. For construction or renovation projects where space is limited, the millimetre-accurate, cold-rolled steel profiles make it possible to optimise the surface.

A clean workplace

There is often little space available on construction sites for the construction and storage of materials. Steel frame structures can be easily sorted and stored. Moreover, thanks to the customisation and the dry construction method, the waste on the construction site is reduced to zero. Off-site production thus offers many advantages.