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Discover our new products at Batibouw.

01 January 2019

FastWall lets you build even faster & more efficiently using a prefabricated steel frame system. The ultimate goal is to provide an excellent quality guarantee and considerable time savings for both the client and the contractor.

Do you want to be able to estimate the duration of the works in advance and maintain control over the building costs for your house? beSteel is a Belgian SME specialised in the production of steel frames for construction projects. This is a revolutionary and innovative construction method for numerous applications: housing, apartment construction, height increases, etc.

Full-size steel skeleton and new products

Thanks to the production of cold-rolled steel profiles, the traditional way of building has been changed radically. A demo house will be on display at Batibouw 2019 (Stand 5220 – Hall 5) with the latest innovations for building an energy-efficient home.

The FastWall is the latest innovation at beSteel; it is a tailor-made product and can be seen at Batibouw, the pioneer in the prefabricated steel frame construction system for both national and international professional customers.

A construction technique with many advantages

The innovative construction technique, in which cold-formed steel profiles are assembled to make a skeleton, offers numerous advantages for private individuals:

1. The skeleton is designed based on the architect’s plan

All the profiles are custom made and designed according to very precise specifications. A drawing of the 3D skeleton is then made to get a concrete picture of the project, to calculate the stability and connection techniques, and to actually produce the prefab structure. Finally, the company has Europe’s first profiling machine to be able to handle five different widths at the same time, enabling extremely accurate fabrication.

2. Broad spectrum of applications

Whether it is required for a residential building, industrial building, apartment building, renovation, increase in height or extension of a building, beSteel offers metal frame construction for a wide range of applications. As an added extra, great architectural flexibility is possible. For example, buildings with rounded walls or special corners can be erected. Large spans or overhangs can give the house an original and modern look.

3. The steel skeleton has a lifespan of more than 200 years

Thanks to being treated with the innovative metallic coating, Magnelis®, it has maximum resistance to corrosion and fire.

4. The execution phase is shorter, so better for the buyer

The profiles are formed in Lubbeek, cut to size, drilled and automatically numbered. They are then assembled in the workshop to simplify the assembly of the 3D structure at the construction site. Construction therefore takes less time compared to traditional building methods, and it requires less manpower. As a result, the time taken for assembly can be reduced, as well as the cost of the works: the ideal solution for the buyer.

5. Optimal use of the steel skeleton

By building the house with a steel skeleton, the available spaces can be used optimally. After all, the thickness of the metal profiles can be used to insert insulation material and/or as cavities for electrical or sanitary pipes. In combination with suitable materials, the walls of the building can therefore provide excellent sound and/or thermal insulation.