Steel frame construction : applications

Steel frame for residential buildings


Demands in Europe are getting more stict regarding the quality, energy efficiency and adaptability of construction.  The residential sector represents roughly 25% of all construction in the European Union.  Steel frame structures are very well suited to build dwellings of the highest standards.  This construction method offers, amongst others, these advantages :

  • Thermal insulation
  • Accoustical insulation
  • Durability of steel frame
  • Quality and speed of construction
  • Architectural freedom of steel frame

Industrial construction with steel frame


The steel frames are an ideal solution to erect industrial buildings.  It is possible to create large free spans, creating useful spaces for warehouses, workshops, storage, etc.

  • Possibility to create large free spans with steel frame
  • Interesting structure from an architectural point of view
  • Structure can be easily adapted for future uses
  • Fast and cost efficient construction

Multiple floor residential with steel frame


Using steel frames is the ideal solution for multiple floor buildings (over 8 storeys).  As a building material, steel is known for its elastic behaviour with a large strength and stiffness.  Steel is able to sustain important tensile and compression tensions, up to its yield strength.

  • Life span of metal structure
  • Seismic resistance of steel frame
  • Excellent thermal and accoustical values
  • Non combustible
  • Fast installation of steel frame

Extension in steel frame


Thanks to the architectonic precision of steel framing, this building method is perfect for extending existing homes.  We can adapt the look and feel of the extension to your home.  Less work on site means less disturbance. These are some of the advantages of steel frame.

Steel frame for topping up


Thanks to the lightness of the structure, the beSteel system is particularly efficient when topping up an existing building.

In some cases, adding an extra floor on top of the roof, is simply too much of an extra load for the existing building when using traditional methods.  It is precisely in those cases that light weight cold formed steel is the perfect solution.  The lighter the structure, the fewer adaptations to the existing building foundations are needed.


Modular solutions in steel frame

Solutions modulaires

The prefabrication can be taken up a notch, as it is possible to create completely prefabricated modules in the workshop with steel frame. These modules can be completely finished in the workshop with all necessary tools and appliances at hand. This obviously results in a faster installation on site. Modular building can offer a solution for urgent needs such as :

  • Temporary living spaces
  • Storage space
  • Offices and home extensions
  • Sanitary facilities

Solar structures


 Thanks to its high resistance to corrosion, our steel constructions are well suited for solar structures. The steel structures are made to measure and are easily installed. Many suppliers of solar panels are replacing their aluminum profiles with steel due to its resistance and ability to carry important loads.

The steel frame we are using have a coating consisting of zinc and magnesium. This coating offers a resistance to corrosion that is at least ten times better than normal galvanized steel, even in extreme environmental circumstances. More information about our steel.

Steel frame in renovation 


Cold formed steel is particularly well suited for renovations (interior walls, flooring,...). The elements can be predimensioned and pre-assembled in the workshop.  Being light weight, the steel frame panels are easy to handle and manipulate, even in spaces with limited accessibility.

Specifically for flooring, dry construction offers plenty of advantages. There is no need for wet concrete, significantly reducing weight of the floor as well as drying times.