Stages of a project

Stage 1: design

The design is done with Computer Assisted Design software that is directly connected to the production process.  This increases the efficiency, improves quality and precision while minimizing waste. The project is designed fully in three dimensions, based on the building plans provided by our clients. This is later divided into two dimensional panels to prepare the production sheets.



Stage 2: dimensions and calculations

The statical calculations and the technique of connecting and resolving construction nodes are two challenges when building with light steel framing. beSteel works closely together with specialised engineers to take care of these issues in a builder/user-friendly way.

more information on the Eurocodes

Dimensionnements et calculs

Stage 3: production

Cold forming steel means the steel coil is deformed in order to obtain a certain shape of profile. This technique consists in the deformation of a steel coil by passing it through a series of rollers - mounted on a profile line. Profiles are produced with a precision of 1/10th mm.


Stage 4: assembly

The profiles are assembled in the workshop to form two dimensional panels according to an assembly sheet. The mechanical connectors used on the profiles can vary, according to the type of project : it can be either bolts, rivets or screws. beSteel uses screws, as they proved the better connection during testing while maintaining ease of use. 


Stage 5: transport

All of the beSteel panels can be charged on a freight transport.  The prefabricated panels reduce the transport of material and personnel to the site, decreasing your energy consumption.


Stage 6: erection on site

beSteel panels are delivered "just in time" on site. They can be erected with great speed. The cost for site managment, the logistical organization and the construction time are considerably reduced. Building with cold formed steel allows you to be more productive.

Most of the time, erection done by our clients. In case you are a private person, or if you do not have previous experience with this building method, we can put you in touch with a skilled partner.