Some of the advantages of steel frame

Steel frame allows flexibility


  • Large free spans with steel frame

  • Lots of different finishes are possible

  • Slimmer walls with equal or superior thermal properties

Prefabrication of steel frame

T L $

  • No delays on site with steel frame

  • Shorter working periods

  • Clean job sites with steel frame

High strenght/weight ratio

Q $

  • Dimensional stability steel

  • Strength of steel frame constructions

  • Non-deformable material

  • Frames are easy to manipulate

  • Limited freight costs

  • Easy to operate 

  • Seismic resistance of steel frame

High-grade quality steel


  • Steel frame is termite resistant, does not rot

  • High resistance to corrosion

  • 100% recyclable steel frame

  • Steel is non combustible

Sustainable construction method


  • 100% recyclable steel

  • Steel frame offers excellent insulation values

  • Steel frame is a dry building method

T Advantages in timing

Q High quality building

L Sustainability

$ Cost Managment