Steel framing's first steps in the world

The first use of cold formed steel dates back to the early 1850s in the USA and the UK.  Using cold formed steel was still not very widely accepted in the 1920s and 1930s.  Main reason for this was the lack of building regulations and design prescriptions.

One of the first larger stuctures was the Virginia Baptist hospital at Lynchburg (VA) in the USA (1925).

Twenty years later the Lustron Corporation in Albany (NY) built 2.500 dwellings using metal frames. These houses were built for the veterans of the Second World War.  These were the first steps in mass production for metal houses.

Today, the market for cold formed steel frames is on the rise in the developped countries.  Main reasons for the continued growth are the technical improvements, the available software and optimized production processes. The availability of steel with an exceptionally high resistance to corrosion is another reason why steel is gaining more importance against its competitors.