Steel framing is a fast building method


Every entrepreneur's goal is to finish a project on time or better yet, ahead of schedule. With steel framing it's possible! This allows for considerable savings :

  • Reduction of overhead and managment costs connected to a project
  • Reduction of financial burdens
  • Faster revenue due to earlier commissioning of the building
  • Less disturbance for users/clients with steel framing

The beSteel steel framing building method is based on smart prefabrication. This allows for a fast implementation on site, reducing project costs.

In an optimal situation, a beSteel framing can be erected in 40% of the time needed for traditional buildings. Total building time can be reduced by 60% with steel framing

The light weight steel framing can be mounted with great speed.  A precise prefabrication accelerates the work on site and prevents errors.  The time saving is considerable compared to traditional buildings or even wood framing.  This is often the decisive factor to choose for steel framing.

Quality and efficiency with steel framing


Steel is a high quality material, produced following the strictest of procedures. The design of cold formed steel framing structures is implemented in the Eurocodes 3.


The number of possible facade finishes for steel framing and steel constructions guarantee a large architectural freemdom. For the interal organisation, the large free spans open up possibilities thanks to the cold formed construction system.

Steel framing is sustainable


A product both ecological and recyclable

  • Steel framing construction offers many advantages regarding sustainable development. beSteel continuously improves the sustainability of its products
  • beSteel uses 100% recyclable steel
  • Producing a house with steel framing requires less energy than the production of the same house in wood or traditional methods.
  • Waste is minimized with steel framing
  • Pristine job site as most assembly is done in the workshop

Reducing pollution with steel framing

  • Steel is an inert material with no impact on the surroundings
  • The prefabricated steel parts are made in the workshop in controlled circumstances with the aid of technologies that reduce pollution and save energy
  • Pollution during transport is limited by a reduced number of cargo and fewer commutes by the skilled workers
  • No pollution on site during construction with steel framing

Quick construction, no detrimental environmental effects

Thanks to the beSteel structure, your job site will be far less dependent on weather circumstances. Due to the prefabrication, the entire building time can be reduced with 40 to 60% compared to traditional building methods. Transportational movements are limited, reducing the nuisance for neighbours. Time reduction can be a very important factor, when you realize how high the costs can soar for an entrepreneur in case of delays.

Clean site with steel framing

A dry site is a clean site. Not only eliminates the steel frame any waste on site, due to its prefabrication, it also does not require any water being used on site. Wiht steel framing you're site will always be clean.

Reduced costs with steel framing


The total cost of a building depends on the raw materials, the design, the craftsmanship but also of the necessary equipment and machines on site. Building with a steel framing construction allows for more productivity. Compared to a wooden frame or traditional building methods, steel framing offers reduced on site costs. The high degree of prefabrication of steel constructions eases working on site.

A study shows that choosing for a metal structure offers considerable cost saving on multiple levels : infrastructure and foundations, structure, installation on site

Financial advantage for the final client with steel framing

Thanks to a fast implementation on site, the financial advantages for the end user are quite interesting :

  • Lower costs for equipment and site managment
  • Reduced site related costs : crane, staff, rent,...
  • Reduced interest to pay